The ThumpCase story is an interesting one. ThumpCase started out with a car audio system, deep heart pounding bass and a love for electronic dance music.


Our very first project; a six-wheel army truck with 18 12 inch subwoofers was selected to be in San Francisco’s love parade; an electronic music festival as a float. 

Screenshot_2018-11-13 BoomCase on Instagram “#Classic #US #Army #BoomCase with our #1956 #Army #Truck AKA The Temple of Boo[...].png


Since then, we attended the festival for seven consecutive years until it was cancelled. We then attended the Bay to Breakers marathon and build several small speaker systems on wheels until rolling speakers got banned in the marathon. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 6.23.17 PM.png


Since the festival is all about dressing in costumes and dancing in the streets, we decided to make small portable sound systems that we could carry that would still be loud enough to get crowds of people dancing. 


The vintage suitcases turned out to be the best in carrying our sound system and paved way for ThumpCase as a commercial brand. Our goal has been to bring our clients the same deep bass and loud sound in every ThumpCase we develop. 

We travel worldwide and handpick only the best vintage suitcases. From select antique fairs and vintage shops, we buy high quality and unique suitcases to use in our designs.