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    Monster Case with Rare HoneyComb Woofers

  •  Artist painted case: Headphone Girl 

     Hand Paintet by: Thomas Burns IG: burnsalive 

  • Artist Painted Case: Absraction #1

    Hand Painted by: YoungT

About ThumpCase
Since 2009, ThumpCase has been providing high quality vintage boom boxes to its loyal fans.

Whether you are playing music from your phone, iPod or computer, simply connect your ThumpCase to any of these devices via Bluetooth and enjoy your music.

You can also use the AUX cord and plugin to any of your devices. 

ThumpCases provide excellent sound quality, are portable and designed to give audiophile sound wrapped up in a vintage suitcase.  

Why You Should Buy Our ThumpCase
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    Custom built case requests accepted
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    Handmade sound boxes, creative and crafty in design 

  • Bluetooth 2.svg
    Bluetooth and AUX connectivity options

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    Convenient online shopping and fast shipping to your desired address 

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    Exclusive vintage boom boxes with no replicas 

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     Guaranteed high-quality sound

Good sound quality and your favorite playlist are the perfect way to entertain yourself as you unwind. You cannot afford to compromise on the quality of sound and you listen to your favorite jams. At ThumpCase, we are the sound experts and the best chance you have to really enjoy your music. Shop for your perfect sound box, exclusive in design and loud in tempo from us at ThumpCase.

Interested in a custom Thumpcase?

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    Technology + Art: Why Thumpcase Is the Future of Audio Enjoyment
    December 13, 2018 at 9:30 AM
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